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Sleeveless Silk Mini Dress - 'Looking Out From The Towers'

Sleeveless Silk Mini Dress - 'Looking Out From The Towers'

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You deserve an affordable high-fashion 'custom fitted' luxury silk Charmeuse dress for any occasion. You can wear 'Looking Out From The Towers' dress as your comfortable chic out-and-about daytime wardrobe or as an eye-catching city night cocktail dress.

  • Original fashion art that is Copyright© ensuring you have an original. 
  • Luxurious Quality: Your dress is fashion art made with luxurious silk 'Charmeuse'. 
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Your dress is meticulously hand-made ensuring beautiful quality craftsmanship.

Please note that these measurements are for reference only. Actual garment measurements may vary slightly based on design and type of garment.

Delivery: Shipment is 20 - 25 days after your fitting or receiving of your size information.