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Profile view with hood up.

Raincoat - 3/4 Length

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The luxurious high-fashion 3/4 length 'Chitter Chatter' transparent vinyl raincoat is a fashion statement piece to fit just the way you want on your body.  It is designed to allow you to wear it in a number of ways such as a cape fastened by its chain; hood down or up; or simply as a coat buttoned up.  The photos here show just some of the ways you can style your fashion glam raincoat (Note: The photos are with our 'Chitter Chatter' print:

  • 100% Vinyl Plastic
  • Exclusive LIA LIA™ Print & Design
  • Made in Canada

Made-to-Measure for a custom fit is available.

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Note: There are full-length options available on a made-to-measure basis.