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'Eye' T-Shirts & Tank Tops

'Eye' T-Shirts & Tank Tops

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You are independent and what you wear speaks to your individuality. The 'Eye' unisex line of t-shirts & tank tops is a Copyright© fashion art shirt whose powerful eye symbol is known the world over as an indicator of good, wisdom, knowledge and protection.

In a time of disunity you can make your positive statement with our " I Am..." Eye t-shirts and tank tops. You get:

  • Copyright© art that ensures your fashion art shirt from a renowned and award winning professional artist is an exclusive original.
  • Made in Canada. Superior manufacturing where the art ink is bled directly into the fibre to ensure a long quality life and the best comfort against your skin. Please no iron on works of art!
  • Durable Luxury: Made with ever so comfortable and durable weighted 100% Ringspun Pre-Shrunk Cotton for a long and comfortable life.