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'Fire City' by Angela Porter-Graphic art on Canvas

'Fire City' by Angela Porter-Graphic art on Canvas

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'Fire City' by Angela Porter

24" x 30" (inches) Acrylic & Ink on canvas

This multidisciplinary exploration is something of a mystery. Bold and graphic, it references modular, insular architectural themes. It came to be after experiencing a year of renovations in the deep downtown, with knob and tube wiring. In the distance we see the sublime future filled with both hope and struggle. Also available as a dynamic silk scarf, socks and tapestries in our signature accessories line, designed by Stefan Lialias. 

Angela received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from York University.  A successful artist she started receiving awards for her work at the age of only ten and continues to receive numerous private and corporate commissions.  Angela is the great granddaughter of Bertram Brooker who is one of Canada’s first abstract painters and the winner  of a Governor General Literary Award.