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'Fire City' Wall Tapestry

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Walls are the blank canvas of any room, ready to be decorated with colour and pattern and art. While these decorations can often require an investment and a commitment, wall tapestries offer a perfect solution. Digitally printed with permanent reactive inks on 100% cotton sateen, these wall tapestries can be hung in any space, washed when dirty, and replaced when a different mood is desired. You can hang your hopes on their durability and vibrancy, as well as their ability to turn any space from drab to fab!

The 'Fire City' artwork is a  multidisciplinary exploration and is something of a mystery. Bold and graphic, it references modular, insular architectural themes. It came to be after experiencing a year of renovations in the deep downtown, with knob and tube wiring. In the distance we see the sublime future filled with both hope and struggle. Also available as scarves; socks and shirts in our signature fashion line, designed by Stefan Lialias. 

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