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200 Custom Facemasks - Deposit

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Purchase of one two hundred custom face masks for a total of $1,469.00  with tax as follows:

  • 200 facemasks of the new style (Re: Nose Pincer and Chin Envelope) $6.50 per facemask
  • Rubber logo of Hotel X logo printed on the outside of each facemask 
  • Cotton outer and inner layer;
  • Adjustable: The ear straps are adjustable.
  • Filter Pocket: Each mask comes with filter pocket to accommodate a PM2.5 filter 
  • Easy Care/Reusable: Can be hand wash or dry cleaned.  
  • Eco-Friendly Certification: Both for digital printing with Intertek and OEKO-TEX certificates for fabrics and inks used.
  • Free Delivery and Individually Wrapped

     Deposit Required of 80% of total: $1,175.20