Art & Creative Design



PORTER LIALIAS' creativity allows us to come up with new and innovative ideas for our clients.  We have helped create more appealing initiatives to advertise organizations, its services and its products.


Product Design:


Angela Porter was asked to design and hand paint the images of Influencers directly on a collection of make-up bottles by Chantecaille Beaute Inc. The Influencers had been invited to visit a store and learn about the product. The successful campaign was a follow-up to previous design work done for the company.


Marketing Design: 


Angela Porter was asked to design a unique thank-you card for the customers of the leading American make-up brand Westman Atelier. The concept was to make it feel personal through a hand-painted image.


Organization Marketing:


A 'street' art gallery was developed by Stefanos Art to better brand the West Queen West of Toronto as the art & design area of the city.  


Augmented Reality:


Stefanos Art used augmented reality to create an interactive environment for end users by only using their phones.  By creating images to place over the existing real-world environment the user only has to use their phone. In the video presented here artwork titled 'Snow Fugue' can be placed on any wall to view it by the end-user without having the actual piece in their possession.   


Projection Mapping:

Stefanos Art provided a new experience to the traditional means of the church.  A burned down Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Toronto replaced the art images with a projection mapping on their cathedral and walls.

With 3d projection and augmented reality, we create immersive interactive experiences.

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Toronto.


In pre-production the images are fitted onto a 3D graphic model of a structure (i.e. building, car, food, plane, etc.).  The images will then appear to wrap themselves around the physical features of the structures.  We apply animation and augmented reality to pull-in and immerse the viewer into the presentation that includes interaction with the display.


 Undulating 3D checker image projected on the inside of a dome.