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Figurative Stefanos Art

I want my visual art to be interactive. 

My figurative artworks seek to realize and emphasize the lines of a subject. In this way the essence of the subject’s physical reality is revealed.  The lines need to flow so as to deliver a fluidity that draws the mind unceasingly in and they are not be staccato interruptive created by a myriad of individual and separated lines.  When one is asked to recall a subject and describe it; the details become obscured by the visual concealment of it.  The recall is “I think I saw”.  In this way I want to stimulate the mind by simply giving a devolved subject from which the viewers own mind and imagination extrapolates from my figurative piece their personalized composition.  Visual art is fundamentally a mentally interactive exercise.

Instagram: @stefanoslialias


            'Not Amused'                          'Free In Thought'

           'From A Distance'

        'Amedeo Reclining Nude'