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Abstract Stefanos Art

Abstract art is an interactive medium.   It is mentally interactive because it engages the viewer to use their imagination.  My subjects come from real world scenes that I have captured through my photography or from images that have intrigued and compelled me. 

In my abstract work I hope to explore the visual essence of a subject.  In my ‘Leaves & Flowers’ series is the beauty in one detailed tree, leaf or flower or is it in the totality of the composition that the mind sees. And the mind does for most of the time not witness the detail but a sense of place.  Turn away from your reading this and recall what was visually on your screen.  You cannot.  But you can recall a screen; some forms and colour.  Your mind created the composition and context. 

My abstract art strips away the details to reveal just the intriguing visuals; what the mind is compelled to recall.  The viewers own perception develops a final composition in their minds.

Instagram: @stefanoslialias

'First Maple Leaves On Grass'


'First Spring Bloom'


 'Resolute Loneliness'